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Facilitating Strong Business Succession Planning

As a business owner, have you thought about what will happen if you no longer are able to run your company? Will a family member be able to step into your shoes to:

  • Be responsible for major business decisions
  • Have the authority to run the business
  • Determine how business profits get shared with the family

Many businesses fail after the incapacitation or death of the owner, precisely because the above questions were never addressed in a legal context. Whether you have a small business on your own or operate an enterprise with other family members, a strong business succession plan is crucial, and Ruberg Law PLLC, in Crestview Hills can help.

Success Minded

Planning and formalizing these details of succession in a legally-binding plan increases the chances of your legacy’s long-term success. Our firm’s focus on both estate planning and business law give you the benefit of experienced counsel that provides optimal solutions for your business.

While forming a robust plan of succession that takes into account the many variables that can come your company’s way, we can show you how to minimize its taxation and liability through the formation of a business entity.

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