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What Trusts Can Do For You

Have you heard that trusts can help keep an estate out of probate? Do you hope a trust for your estate will ease the transition of your assets when your time comes? Do you want to avoid inheritance tax?

A trust can facilitate the smooth transfer of assets from one generation to the next. One of the greatest benefits of a trust is its power to simplify and streamline processes after a death in the family.

Keep your money in the family and alleviate stress for your beneficiaries through one or more trusts.

Ruberg Law PLLC in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, can help you establish a trust. The firm serves the greater Covington metro area through estate planning services, including trusts.

For Your Legacy And Your Peace Of Mind

Personalized legal advice is essential as you explore the idea of a setting up a trust. I am an estate planning lawyer Michael K. Ruberg, ready to listen as you explain your legacy goals.

Attorney Michael K. Ruberg

I can provide guidance as you create one or more of these types of trusts:

  • A living trust
  • A revocable trust
  • An irrevocable trust
  • A charitable remainder trust
  • A special needs trust

The type of trust you create will depend on your legacy objectives. It will also depend on the complexity of your asset portfolio. We will discuss options for creating trusts that will meet your needs.

Funding The Trust

Once you set up a trust, you need to fund the trust: You need to maintain it for it to work as it should. You may need to retitle your home. The trust can become the owner of your bank accounts and other assets. If you do this correctly, the trustee will be able to take control of your assets after you pass away.

Estate planning is one of life’s greatest bargains. A trust can keep estate administration simple. You may save your family thousands of dollars and much time and effort through careful estate planning.

Get Customized Legal Advice And Help Setting Up A Trust

Your asset portfolio may be large, medium-sized or small. Trusts can make estate administration go more smoothly for an estate of any size.

Learn how Ruberg Law PLLC can help you achieve your goals. To schedule an appointment with Mike Ruberg, call 859-344-6742 or send an email.