Personalized Probate Guidance

Being the executor or executrix (personal representative) for a loved one's estate is an honor. It is also intimidating to many people. A probate lawyer's guidance can be essential.

Are you responsible for handling probate and estate administration for someone's estate? You are wise to seek out an attorney's help. I am lawyer Michael K. Ruberg at Ruberg Law, PLLC. I can simplify the legal processes for you after the death of your family member.

From law offices in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, I represent clients throughout the Northern Kentucky area. I am available to guide you calmly and confidently. I can explain the steps for administering your loved one's estate.


Demystifying The Process In Estate Administration

Do you face legal obligations and fiduciary duties associated with administering an estate? Are you the personal administrator of the estate? The process can seem complicated. An experienced probate law attorney can help at this difficult time. You can grieve in peace. Ruberg Law, PLLC, can handle details and keep your case moving forward.

Overcoming Obstacles

Real estate and business interests to sell may complicate the process. There may be investment accounts. Medical providers and other creditors may demand payments. Meanwhile, beneficiaries may become impatient. They naturally wait eagerly to receive their shares of an estate. As your attorney, I can help set expectations and keep communications clear.

There may be controversies and possibly a will contest. Then the process can become even more burdensome and stressful. I am here to help you through such challenges at Ruberg Law, PLLC.

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This law firm extends sincere sympathy after your loss of a family member or close friend. Now there are new challenges. Let Ruberg Law, PLLC, be a solid resource for you through the probate process. You may reach the law offices in Crestview Hills at 859-344-6742 or through an email message through this website.