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Consultation Concerning Problem Wills

A will can ensure that estate administration honors the wishes of the deceased. Unfortunately, disputes over wills are common. When beneficiaries and family members interpret the intent of the will differently, the result may be a will contest.

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Contact me, Michael K. Ruberg, the estate lawyer at Ruberg Law PLLC, if you are affected by a dispute over a will. From law offices in Crestview Hills, this law firm serves northern Kentucky. With more than 30 years of experience, I am prepared to represent you skillfully. I am committed to protecting your rights in a will contest.

Representation In A Will Contest

Do you consider the will invalid for some reason? Or does your brother, sister or stepparent say the will seems wrong? You may need to bring a will contest or defend a will against a challenge. These typical allegations may set off a will contest:

  • The person who died was not competent when the will was created or modified.
  • The person who created the will was under the undue influence of someone else.
  • The will left out names of people who should have been beneficiaries.
  • The wrong beneficiaries are named in the will.
  • The terms of the will do not align with the deceased person’s values.
  • The will was not signed properly.
  • The will is outdated – it’s too old to be considered applicable now.

I am available to represent you as an individual or a family. I also welcome representatives of LLCs and corporations – business owners’ estates sometimes trigger disputes.

Guidance For Executors

At Ruberg Law PLLC, you can benefit from an experienced probate law attorney’s guidance. I, attorney Mike Ruberg, can help you interpret and follow the instructions in your loved one’s will. I may be able to help you avoid controversies over the administration of the estate.

You may be the executor of an estate or a beneficiary of family member’s will. I can help you through all stages of the probate process. Clients of the firm come from Covington and other communities throughout the region.

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